Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Sometimes I feel sorry for Christian. The boy was born with every male/testosterone/Republican gene that could ever exist in one little body. He spends his spare time:
*Studying war movies/strategies
*Playing with Army Men
*Fishing, camping and dreaming about going on a hunt for deer or bear
*Taking every possible thing he can find that's not working and taking it apart
*Mixing chemicals for science experiments
*Reading about wars and planning strategies
*Shooting his Nerf guns
*Begging is Father to PLEASE let him join Boy Scouts of America
*Designing and implementing traps (similar to the movie "Home Alone") to entice and then capture you into his bedroom lair.

We encourage his interests and never discourage him from learning and exploring, but damn! Bubby is at a loss here. Bubby likes to spend his spare time writing screenplays, studying music and guitar, supporting the ACLU and getting weepy at "chick flicks." The man would rather stick a fork in his eye than to kill an animal. Taxidermy gives him the heebie jeebies.

Well Bubby has been gone on a business trip to Texas. I've noticed that Christian has been especially chipper since Bubby has left. Beyond giddy, Christian has gone out of his way to be helpful around the house. Last night was a shocker when he set out his pajamas all nice and folded in the bathroom, took a shower and brushed his teeth without me even asking (or nagging). Christian was even in bed reading before it was time for lights out.

Me: "Christian, thanks for all of your help today."
Christian: "When Dad's not here, I'm the oldest boy Mom. I'm the man of the house."
Me: "Wow! I guess you are right. I never thought about that."
Christian: "It's a big job."
Me: "I know. How much money are you going to earn tomorrow for our family?"
Christian: "Moooooommmmm!"

And as I leaned down to kiss my little boy goodnight, I inhaled the soapy smell of his freshly washed hair. I looked down and there before my eyes was an arsenal of Nerf weapons....fully cocked and loaded.

Christian: "I'm also here to protect you Mom."

My little boy is now my little man.


MomSquared said...

Aw, that's sweet.

Jennboree said...

THAT is so sweet! Wow, he's "All-American" isn't he? Do they accept NRA members this early? Might wanna check that out.

If he starts making excuses for our current very afraid.

In all seriousness, his protectiveness and responsibility towards the family speaks volumes about him.

I'm Just a Girl said...

That is so precious...what a sweet boy.

s@bd said...

my parents were hippies who love the Stones. I rebelled by becoming an opera singer. my sister is a professional bassoon player.

sometimes the genes are just all messed up!