Sunday, October 08, 2006


1. When the playhouse that the school is auctioning off is so grand (stucco, stone & gigantic), that the Way Down in Mayberry covenants couldn't possibly allow it in anyone's backyard. It could practically be construed as a "Mother-in-law quarters".

2. When my job as a "volunteer" at our Harvest Festival this weekend was to go around to complete strangers who are selling their merchandise at booths and ask them if they needed a break. COMPLETE STRANGERS left me with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and gads of cash to complete transactions while they were away. Wow!

3. When you can let your children deliver fliers in the town for two days and know they are safe and are being cared for by an entire town of adults that will watch out for one another's kids.

4. When your view is this.......

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MomSquared said...

So how much $ in valuables were you able to make off with?