Thursday, September 28, 2006


I really do.

And here's my brand new t-shirt to prove it.

Happy Love Thursday!


MomSquared said...

Rock on.

Anonymous said...

I heart gays too! One in particular very much! :0)

and I love you Tallulah! (in a completely platonic, gay man and straight woman kinda way of course!) *wink

(and where can I get the shirt?)


Anonymous said...

I love gays too (especially the one I am married to!);0)

and I love you too Tallulah! (in a platonic, gay man and straight woman kind of way, of course!) *wink


Oh, and where can I get the shirt? Christmas is comming! hint hint...

Jennboree said...

I have special love for a couple of gays in particular. Well, lesbians. Why are men called gays and women lesbians but both sexes are considered gay? HMMMM??

I'm Just a Girl said...

I heart right along with you. If I could put the link to my gay bar post from June I would. Love the t-shirt, too.

Serendipity said...

Since I grew up with a lot of sweet gays, they're normal. They're the graceful male. They're the fashion-critique, make-up helper, and all around stand-in gal pals. Did I mentioned my gay (I have 3 in my cousinhoods)cousins are good with hair, win awards dancing, and a great cook?