Monday, September 25, 2006


and other scary creatures.........

I really have to share this with everyone I know.

I have needed a good laugh lately and sometimes, it's hard to find happiness in the world when a cloud hanging over your head is so thick.

Well today my friends, the cloud has lifted and I'm ashamed to say it is at the expense of someone else.

My friend, The Analyzer has the neighbors from Hell. It's especially entertaining because:

1. We live in the same snooty neighborhood.

2. Ms. Analyzer hates (okay, strong word...dislikes) most holidays when it involves going overboard or anything cutesy or religious. She's kind of a "bah-humbugger" by nature...which is another reason I love Ms. Analyzer so much. I tend to go to the other extreme so we balance each other out.

3. Ms. Analyzers next door neighbors decorate their house for EVERY holiday (and if there is no mentionable holiday), decorate for something that may happen in that month. Take for instance May.........a Maypole in their front yard complete with dancing adults around said Maypole. No shit!

4. It really is completely out of control and quite amusing that our association allows it. Our association is incredibly strict when it comes to keeping the neighborhood of Way Down In Mayberry "beautified."

So my friends, if you want a good laugh....check out Ms. Analyzer's last two or three entries have been about her very strange neighbors. (She even has stranger neighbors across the street. No. Really.)

Do you have any neighbor stories to share? I could use another great laugh!


geezette said...

Don't you have one of those blowdart gun thingies???????

Jennboree said...

That is hilarious! And totally like a Christmas with the Kranks or Christmas Vacation.

Blowdart gun would be perfect. And fun!

Jennboree said...

Hmmm..all I have for a story is the neighbors next to us had a kitten get stuck in their tree. Isabella pointed it out, all concerned, so I knocked on the neighbor's door and informed them.

The lady has 3 kids, any who could climb the tree and help. But she decided to. She's a rather large lady and within seconds of hoisting herself up, she got her foot stuck. She starts screaming, the kitten is mewing and the kids are freaking. Bella and I just watched from our side of the fence.

She had her kid call 911. They arrived with sirens going and a long ladder that served no purpose because she was stuck MAYBE 3 feet off the ground! Needless to say the four firemen were pissed.

I laughed so hard she never spoke to me again.

The Analyzer said...

No. You were right. I hate them.