Friday, July 07, 2006


I have three older siblings.....much older siblings (sorry guys, you are O-L-D!) While they were married and starting families, I was still in grade school. There is my brother V-guy and my two sisters, Donut and K-Kay.

While my siblings were changing diapers and enjoying the ups and downs of parenting, I was a wild child. I was off on adventures and enjoying my youth. After Bubby and I married, we would go see every movie at the theatre, spend Sunday's in bed and eat at pricey restaurants. All the while, my siblings were stuck at home with toddlers and attending piano recitals.

V-guy, Donut and K-Kay were jealous.

Fast forward to the present............

V-guy, Donut and K-Kay have older teenagers, adult children and married children. I have a toddler and young children. Who is laughing now? It is certainly not me and here is why......

When I was a young adult, I was NEVER a good traveler. I would puke when I was on an airplane, boat or fast moving vehicle. I would stress and worry and barely enjoy any kind of travel. Bubby and I would take short jaunts on an airplane, but I would either end up hysterically screaming & frightening other passengers or vomit until I was dry heaving. Either way, I was not a joy to be around. Bubby and I just didn't travel a lot and besides.....we were young and broke.

Since my youth, I have discovered the "traveling cocktail". Here's the recipe:

1. Take one pill (Xanax, Valium or another sedative of your choice).

2. Wash said pill down with a Bloody Mary, Martini or any other alcoholic beverage.

3. Enjoy euphoria as you travel the globe.

Over the years, I have discovered that this recipe has reduced my traveling sickness and hysteria down to nil. I admit, I do tend to slur my speech a little (or at least that's what Bubby says), but now I am comfortable with fast-driving taxi drivers & turbulent airplanes. I am a willing and able traveling companion to span the globe on exciting adventures!

One problem.


Last year my siblings traveled to Jamaica, Hawaii & New Zealand. This year they are headed to Cancun and God knows where else.

And they are


at the fact

that their snotty little sister

is stuck in


with four small children

scrubbing toilets

and eating spaghettios.....

I am not going to complain too much though. Last year I did travel to Italy which was wonderful and beautiful and truly a spectacular time. And I do get to go to San Francisco next week with just Bubby and stay in a beautiful hotel, shop, have vacation sex and eat at terrific restaurants.

I've just got the traveling bug now that I have the "traveling cocktail" down to a science. I want to explore and do and see all that I can before I am to old to enjoy it.

I guess we will have to start taking the kids with us. Bubby is looking into a trip to Spain where we all learn Spanish while living with host families.

I just hope the kids don't mind Mommy being a tad snockered for a percentage of the trip.


I'm Just a Girl said...

I am a horrible flyer too. I don't vomit but I white-knuckle the arm rest (after I fight the person next to me for it) or I hold Spouse's hand and dig my nails into the poor guy's fingers. I'm not afraid of dying, you see...just plummeting 30,000 feet to my death.

john said...

one word: bangkok.

you *must* add this to your list of eventual travel destinations...

Jennboree said...


Vacation sex. Seems so long ago.

I'm more afraid of flying with two babies than anything else. Is there a cocktail for them?