Saturday, July 08, 2006


I was privy to an incident the other night involving teenage boys.

I will not go in to every detail, but I will say that I had to stop five kids TWICE from pummeling one young man. As they were kicking, punching and shouting at the guy in the fetal position lying on a neighbors are some expletives coming out of their mouths:

boy fucker

Get the idea? Occasionally he could get away from them, punch them a few times in retaliation and then run down the street. They would then run after him, tackle him and then start the whole humiliating and painful process over again.

Needless to say, I have been enraged about the incident since it happened.

Want to know something else?

All the kids say they were just joking around. They were pretending to beat up this guy in front of a new kid they hadn't seen before. Nice story.

Want to know the best part?

After I broke up the bashing, contatcted all parents and relayed the incident, they believed their kids. Now why would I want to lie about something like this?

Oh, and the kicker....................

Are you ready?

These kids are from the most religious families within Way Down In Mayberry. Obviously, it is okay to stone another human being.

As long as you think they are gay.


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I'm Just a Girl said...

Grrr...I cannot STAND parents who think their child can do no wrong. No parent wants to believe their child could do something that hideous. But come on, like you said, what do you have to gain by making up a story like that? Good for you for standing up for that kid, but I only wish for his sake (and yours) that the parents would take some responsibility. I hope word gets out in town about what happened. Then again, maybe it will take their sweet innocent lambs getting arrested for them to wake up.

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ElleStarr said...

Unfortunatley, what we here in Mayberry have to look forward to is just a bunch of sociopaths. Because, when the kids do get arrested (this happened on my block), Daddy bails them out, and pays the steepest of fines to keep little darling out of jail and from having to do community service. B/C, and I'm quoting "that would be humiliating". I'm guessing picking up garbage on the side of the freeway a time or two might help, but that's not how the other parents see it.

Gatxan said...

I hate this kind of violence... It makes me sick.

Jennboree said...

Oh. That's great. Kids are so freakin MEAN. Religious or not! Often they use gay slurs without even knowing or caring if that person is homosexual.

Goes to show that just cuz someone attends church, it does not necessarily make them a better person.

I've known parents who turn a blind eye to the truth of their children's actions. Disgusting. It is my mission to never do that regarding my own children.

Anonymous said...

What sad is this happens more than one would like to think... I will never forget the evening when a "neighbor" rang my door bell to inform me that quite a few neighbors didn't like the fact that we (two gay men)lived in their neighbor hood and raised foster-children, and were calling Health and Welfare to inform them we were gay. (even tho we were licenced AND H&W knew we were gay....)... the audacity of some poeple amaze me....


john said...

it's so sad. and i wish this kind of thing didn't happen as often as it does. but you know what? it happens all the time.

good for you though - standing up and taking action. it's a lot more than many folks would do in that situation...

MomToTracyNSheri said...

This surprises me not one signle bit.

On the upside, I enjoy identifying gay bashers. That gives me someone to kick.