Wednesday, July 05, 2006


It is apparent that you have to go to Jamaica or Mexico to braid your hair like this.

It is funny how people react to me braiding my hair as if my skin were another color. Here are some responses I've had:

"I hate corn rows, but you are still so pretty." Bubby
"When are you leaving for vacation?" Strangers
"Gosh, YOU look good in corn rows. I wish I could braid my hair and not look like a freak." A Narcissistic Neighbor
"Who did your hair? It's FABULOUS! Oh My! Your scalp is burning! Ok. Here's what you do.....pour a bunch of Aloe on your scalp and then wash it gently in the shower. That should heal your tender scalp." Man who is obviously gay but currently in a heterosexual marriage

It's fun being different Way Down In Mayberry. People are always trying to fit in, keep up with the Jones's and not look out of place. The way you fit in here is by getting a boob job, enrolling your children in every possible expensive summer camp, having an Nanny, personal trainer and home tanning bed.

I guess I'm sticking with the "Way Down In Mayberry-freak" status.


The Analyzer said...

Oh My God. No one F-ing told me I was supposed to have a tanning bed! How can I not know this? No one will ever like me now.

john said...


Anonymous said...

so tell me more about the closeted gay neighbor! He'll figure it out.. we all do eventually... but as for the corn rows... just can't see it on my sweet Talulah.... kendoll.

Jennboree said...

It's so funny but reading about where you live and how you like to be different, it reminds me alot of Stepford Wives. Not that it is that extreme for you.


Is it.

MomToTracyNSheri said...

I LOVE cornrows but the last time I had them I swear when I took them out (no kidding!) half of my hair fell out.

FREAKED ME OUT! How does one keep that from happening?

tallulah said...'s total Stepford Wives here. We are frequently touted as such.

If my hair falls out, just one more reason to buzz it and start all over again!

Anonymous said...

Now that is a look I could totally see you with.. the Sinead O'Conner look is sooo hot! You could pull it off, and what better way to bitch-slap Mayberry! But, alas.. they would just assume you had chemo and would hold a bake-sale on your behalf.... Kendoll

Anonymous said...

Pretty Crazy, not the beauty conscious preppie autie dean I used to know!