Monday, July 31, 2006

$10,000 0FFER

Christian found a bunch of oversized dollar-bill-looking pieces of paper in the field near his Way Down In Mayberry school. On the front, it is printed similar to a dollar bill but has a picture of the Mona Lisa on it as well as a photo of Leonardo Da Vinci. When you look at the back of the paper, it says in bold letters $10,000 OFFER! Then the bill talks about debunking The Da Vinci Code and how it is not true. Then it goes on to say that we are all sinners and talks about how the end of the word is coming through the breakdown of the institution of marriage, fornication, outbreaks of disease and of all increase in vegetarianism.

That's right people, not only are we fornicating but now we are eating more vegetables! No wonder we are going to Hell in a handbasket!

How do you explain the complete looniness of this to an eight-year old? Where do you even begin?

So I went to both websites listed on the back. The 1st one is It is an Evangalistic website that likes to sell you lots of CD's and books proclaiming God's word. They specialize in scaring the shit out of you by showing you pictures of fire and Hell saved especially for you on Judgement Day. The second website is This website has you take a test to see if you are pure. They GUARANTEE they will give you $10,000 if you can answer ten questions about the ten commandments and if you have kept all of them.

So of course I go through the test like I am a holy angel (which of course, I am.) NO. I've never used God's name in vain. NO. I've never coveted a neighbor's wife. NO. I have never lied. blah blah blah blah

At the end of the test, they tell you that they cannot give you $10,000 because all of us are sinners and I must have been lying about one or several of the commandments. HA! Tricky little bastards.!

Now I must explain to Christian in the most nicest of terms how someone has left a bunch of these bills in the field of a school, to try to entice the children to log on to their website and through trickery, help them on their path to Jesus to be saved. Examples will include: sexual thoughts, blasphemy and of course, an increased appetite for carrots.


Jennboree said...

Thanks for making me laugh and frown all at once. Very difficult to do.

I cannot stand the way evangelicals push their agenda. Isn't the whole $10,000 offer a form of deception all in itself?

So did Christian have a bunch of questions for you? Did you just offer him a green bean to appease him?

Anonymous said...


b u l l c h i t

tallulah said...

I go back and forth with Christian. One day I placate him, the next day I tell him how evil all of the Evangalistic heathens are. Sigh....

Serendipity said...

It's like car dealership Tallulah. Lure them in with one offer which doesn't exist or "surprise surprise, just sold out a minute ago!"

False advertisement....I guess even religion is not immune.