Monday, June 26, 2006


Or in this case.......

Where's the trampoline?

Yes people. Obviously this was an eyesore for the community. We received a letter from "the association" telling us to remove the trampoline. Considering we have been Way Down In Mayberry for two years and have never been contacted before, we approached "the association" and they persisted.

Friday we received a letter from the most prestigious law firm in town saying if we didn't remove it by blah blah date, that we would have to reimburse them for removing it.

Sometimes my friends, living Way Down In Mayberry can really suck the big one.


MomToTracyNSheri said...

I know my vision sucks eggs, but, um, I don't see a trampoline. At all.

Anonymous said...

Your Mayberry is sick with dumb rules

Sarah said...

The last neighborhood we lived in had about a thousand rules. 900 of which related to dogs and where they could and could not poop. It was absolutely ridiculous. We even got yelled at once by the neighborhood 'boss' as he drove by and saw us with our dogs. "your dogs can't S*** there you know!" was all we heard. All of our dogs were laying down, no poo to be seen. Thank goodness our new place has no rules, they truly truly suck.

your neighbor deb said...

I have so enjoyed your blog. You crack me up. I am so pissed off about this. Are they going to tell you that your kids can't play in your back yard next?? You should start a petition. I'll be the first to sign. I thought that Mayberry was going to far, when we got a letter telling us we couldn't put our garbage can on the side of our house. I'm behind you 100%!