Tuesday, April 04, 2006


As I type this...I am in an unbelievable amount of pain and I'm unable to move my neck. Within an hour, after the muscle relaxers kick in......I won't give a shit.

Being the grossly uncoordinated person that I am, I have been successfully able to:

A. Fall down while twisting my ankle and holding Izzy in my arms.

B. Slam Izzy's back and head into a wall.

C. Pull every conceivable muscle in my neck and shoulders.

D. Interrupt Me-Ma's quiet morning while she takes Izzy and myself to the hospital.

E. Leave my sick 8-year old at home to fend for himself.

F. Cancel two important appointments for Leroy which I'm sure we will be charged for.

G. Create general misery by telephone for Bubby who is interviewing people for jobs today.

Thankfully, Izzy is okay and the doctor said I should be feeling completely better within a few weeks. A few weeks? Could someone just shoot me with a poisonous dart gun and put me out of my misery now please?

Ooohhhhh....................erase that last thought. The drugs just kicked in.

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Anonymous said...

although you are in pain I believe it was fortuitous that you were hurt when you two fell. consider the following if you were not in pain:
Dr: Well, liitle fellow, what happend to you?
Izzy: My mommy slammed me into the wall.
enter the child protection unit. lol