Tuesday, April 18, 2006


We have come up with a new rule at the All house:


This is just a pre-cursor to the "All T.V.'s Go Away For One Year Experiment" that occurs on January 1st, 2007. Our kids must think we are insane. Just two months ago we got rid of cable. Now this?

Christian is the crack-up. He has already written a list for Santa Claus:

Dear Santa,

"I have been a good boy this year. Please bring back the T.V.'s for the year 2007.

Thank you,"


But here's the kicker! When he found out we were eliminating the television three days a week, Christian got creative. This is a picture of a pseudo-tv he built. It is a blue box that's supposed to be the T.V. The container inside of it is filled with water. The water is supposed to simulate the T.V. screen. Christian then put a couple of rocks in the water along with a glittery-blue plastic egg. The egg has a string attached to it that comes out of the container. When you are bored and want to watch T.V., just go to your faux T.V. and pull the string up and down. It makes the glittery-blue egg dance and that is your entertainment.


I'm as confused as the rest of you. But I'm hoping that cutting the television time down will spark more creativity like this. Maybe Christian and his siblings will discover a variety of inventions to create.

Or maybe I'll have four children standing around a box all day watching Christian pull a string attached to a plastic egg...........................

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