Friday, April 21, 2006


One of these days, I'm going to go an entire week without a call from Mr. L (Leroy's 1st grade teacher).

Thanks to my not-so-perfect parenting skills, the movie Happy Gilmore has attributed to this weeks call.

Apparently the scene in the movie where a guy on the golf course yells, "JACKASS" every time Happy tries to hit the ball just cracks Leroy up. To make matters worse, when we were at the Zoo last week, Leroy realized that there is a Penguin called the Jackass Penguin. The penguin happens to be Leroy's favorite animal. Great. Now Leroy has two reasons to blurt out Jackass on a regular basis.

Leroy finally got the attention he most desperately wanted from his classmates. Every time Leroy blurts out Jackass in class, the kids crack up and tell Leroy...."say THAT word again." Thank goodness that Mr. L has a sense of humor. Sure, Leroy got in trouble and had a little Pow Wow with Mr. L, but when I talked with Mr. L on the phone, he mentioned how much he loves teaching 1st grade because of the "interesting" words that 1st graders choose to use.

I just pray that Izzy gets Mr. L for first grade in three years. Izzy's vocabulary at two years of age already puts a sailor to shame.

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Anonymous said...

Boys will be boys!!!!Didn't Christian have Mr. L last year? And, I love that picture of Leroy. Reminds me of the picture I have of Craig-o.