Saturday, April 15, 2006


Tori feels like she's gotten the shaft. The girl has been relentless about adding a sister to the family. Yesterday, I actually overheard Tori asking her brother Christian if he wanted to play army men. I know Tori would rather stick a fork in her eye than play with army men. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

The other day, this conversation took place:

Tori: Mom? When you have another baby, I want it to be a girl.
Mom: Tori, I'm not having another baby.
Tori: Why not?
Mom: Five kids is plenty.
Tori: But Mooooommmmm (in best whiny voice)! I want a sister.
Mom: Even if I had another baby, we couldn't guarantee it would be a girl. In fact, statistically it would be more likely to be a boy because we had a boy last time. And besides, I can't have any more babies. Daddy had surgery so we can't have any more children.
Tori: Why couldn't you adopt a girl?
Mom: We could. But don't you think having four brothers is enough?
Tori: I don't want anymore brothers. I WANT A SISTER!
Mom: Would you really want to share all your stuff, your room and everything else that you have with another girl? Right now, you have the privilege of being the only girl so you get to have things the other boys don't.
Tori: I would share everything with my sister.
Mom: By the time the little girl was old enough to play Polly Pockets with you, you would be sixteen years old. You will be into other things like friends, academics and boys.
Tori: But Moooooommmmm!
Mom: No buts. It's not happening.

Clearly, Tori is determined to have a sister one way or the other. Izzy just happens to be her latest subject.

Doesn't Izzy look thrilled?

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