Monday, March 06, 2006


No thank you.

I do not enjoy being around sick people all day. It makes me cranky. Thank God that there are people out there that enjoy their nursing jobs and are good at it.

This morning I had to take Izzy to the hospital for blood tests. This is also the morning that Tori (who is rarely sick) stayed home from school with a stomach ache. I gave instructions to Tori and told her to call me if something came up. Off I went with Izzy to get poked with needles.

Before I reached the hospital..........I received three calls from Tori. Each conversation was the same and went like this:

Me: Hello?
Tori: Mom? (sniffle, sob) I don't feel good.
Me: Honey, I know. I'll be home as soon as we finish the tests. Just lay down on the couch. If you feel sick......go to the bathroom. O.K.?
Tori: (wailing, sobbing) My stomach hurts!
Me: O.K. Tori....listen. I know you are sick but there's nothing that I can do about it. You took a stomach ache pill, I gave you some water, you are laying down. You are just going to have to sit with this. It doesn't feel good and I 'm sorry.
Tori: O.K. Bye Mom.
Me: Bye.

Did I tell you this conversation happened three times on the way to the hospital?

When we got to the hospital, I had to shut the cell phone off. The hospital doesn't allow them on. After Izzy and I got back to the car, there were five messages alerting me on my cell phone. All from Tori. The best one goes like this:

Tori: "(sob, shriek) Mom? Mom, are you there? Huh uh uh huh uh huh, it's me....Tori. I threw up. Mom, I threw uuhhh uuuhhh hu hu hup all over your carpet. I'm sorry Mom but I couldn't make it to the garbage bag that you set right next to my head. (more sobbing) I...I....I....I....when I threw up it gave me a bloody nose and there's blood and throw up all over your carpet. I'm sorry Mom. I'm trying to clean it up right now."


Now there's an inviting way to come home.

Meanwhile, as I start the car and head home, I get a call from Bubby AND MeMa. Apparently Tori had called them as well to let them know she was throwing up and bleeding all over the carpet. She was scared I would be mad. Poor thing. Tori may be a drama queen when she's sick, but even when she doesn't feel good.....she wants to make sure that Mom, the nurse whether she wants to or not, will not be too cranky when she arrives home. I hope Tori feels better soon. I hate to see my little girl sick.

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Anonymous said...

The picture DEFINITELY wasn't the way she looked today. Poor girl!!!