Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I've had food poisoning twice in my life.......and I hate to bore my readers with one more sickness blog, but hey guys......I haven't blogged about food poisoning before!

The first time was when I was a teenager. Our family took a summer vacation to Southern California to visit my sister. I brought along a friend from High School. We (meaning there were probably at least 10 of us), stopped at a McDonalds. We all ordered hamburgers and fries. Sometime later, we were all very sick....except for my friend. My Mom ended up going to the emergency room. Come to find out that it was the mayonnaise. My friend hated mayo and was the only one that ordered her burger plain.

The second time was another family event. We drove to Reno with the gang for a few days of gambling and fun. I was so ill that I spent most of the time in the hotel room and then had to fly back to Reno while Bubby drove the car. He was not happy.

Which brings me to today. If you read the previous blog, you know that Tori was very sick yesterday. By 8:30 pm last night, Leroy and Tori and myself were violently ill. It seems like once you have had food poisoning, you never forget what it feels like. That's why I'm pretty certain it is not just a bug.

Bubby spent the better part of the evening cleaning up after the kids that were sick. At one point, he just took Leroy in to the backyard to puke. No cleanup with all the rain we have been having. He continued to stay up all night with the kids. As I type, I can hear Bubby in the bathroom retching. Whatever we ate.......really was a BAD thing!

And you know who was spared the hellish and violent sickness? Christian and Izzy. Their diet consists of multivitamins and milk. Hmmmmmmm.............maybe I should try it!

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