Monday, February 13, 2006


This May, it will be two years since the family moved to Way Down In Mayberry. The subdivision we moved from was an interesting study. No one came out of their houses & no one spoke to one another. We lived there for years and I couldn't tell you the name of our next door neighbors. I referred to the subdivision as a ghost town. It would be a perfect place for a criminal to hide. It was also very lonely for me as a stay-at-home Mom. Even the nearest park was miles away that I had to drive to.

Way Down In Mayberry is the complete opposite. Our small town in so in touch with everyone else. We have the Way Down In Mayberry newsletter that is published weekly with all of the town's happenings. We have projects, committees, and a half-a-dozen parks within walking distance. We have block captains and care forces, neighborhood watches and book clubs. You could not ask for a better town to be wired in to.

But with small towns comes gossip. Believe me, because Way Down In Mayberry is so "in touch" with it's people, it is also in touch with everyone and everything....all.....the.....time.

In the two years that I have been here, every single piece of news that has been told to me has ended up to be true. My sources must have really good sources who have really good sources! News....good or bad travels like wildfire. That can be long as you personally are not included in the gossip. The last thing I would want is some rumor going around about a botched boob job that I had or an impending divorce.

So if anything, Way Down In Mayberry can keep a person very clean. And if you do fall off the wagon or commit some evil act of unkindness, make sure and do it on vacation in a city far far away.

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