Thursday, February 23, 2006


Bubby doesn't get involved in anything Way Down In Mayberry. He is very comfortable never getting to know a single person outside of his family. It seems like the more people he knows, the more he dislikes people in general. It's best to just keep him out of public.......for everyone's sake.

But Bubby has found his niche here Way Down In Mayberry. A couple of weeks ago, he attended our first Neighborhood Watch meeting. Bubby is now officially block captain and has the important responsibility of keeping our block safe from bad guys. Right up his alley since Bubby doesn't like people anyway.

The amusing part of it all is how Christian and Izzy have gotten in to the whole "keep the neighborhood safe" thing. Bubby straps Izzy in to the backpack, grabs Christian, and they comb our neighborhood for "bad guys".

A funny image comes to mind if Bubby actually saw a "bad guy" while carting the two children along. Christian would end up screaming in a high-pitched scream like a girl while Bubby attempts to chase the guy down the street and use his black belt skills while having a 30 lb toddler attached to his back.

Bad guys beware!

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