Monday, February 27, 2006


Remember a time when you didn't have children? During that period of my life, I always had ideas of how life would be with children. Bubby and I always wanted a large family. I would often fantasize about various scenarios as a large family and come up with different solutions to certain problems. Logistically, having a large family creates a myriad of hurdles to jump through.

When I imagined caring for my sick children, a few things came to mind:

1. I would be showered, dressed and full of energy.
2. I would be pleasant, caring and empathetic.
3. My children would be nestled under their covers and still be pleasant. Remember Zu-Zu in "It's A Wonderful Life?" How cute and sweet she was with her little flower petals for her Papa.
4. My children would promptly get up and use the restroom if they felt sick.
5. All of my children would be sick at one time. I would be a nursemaid to all, taking turns administering medicines and reading children's books.

In reality, none of the above have come to fruition:

1. I am rarely showered and dressed......... kids sick or not.
2. My pleasant, caring and empathetic nature has been marred by my intense lack of sleep.
3. My children are not nestled under their covers because all bedding has been repeatedly puked on and there is no clean bedding left. They are laying on towel's and covered with beach blankets.
4. My children RARELY ever make it to the bathroom.
5. None of my children all get sick at the same time. One sickness can last weeks in my house after skipping from one person to the next. Me included. And there is NOTHING better than being sick and taking care of sick children. Where's Mom's sick day off from work?

A week ago today, Christian & Bubby were home with the stomach flu and 104 fever. This week it's Izzy. The best thing about toddlers is their innate sense of informing you they are going to throw up 1.2 seconds before they do. I love that. Two sleepless nights and 32 loads of laundry later, I am wondering if this is my payback for being so optimistic about having a large family.

But you know the twisted part? I wouldn't trade this life for anything.

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