Thursday, January 26, 2006


Some's just better if you don't leave your home. Some days..............if you don't leave your home, you might just end up in the looney bin.

Last night, I'm headed over to my friend The Analyzer's house. There's nothing better than a glass of wine and some analyzing to perk me up and warm my heart.

Mistake #1. Bubby and I were goofing around at dinner (bad idea) and he ended up bitch slapping me across the face WAY too hard. Granted, we were goofing, but the moment he touched my cheek........he KNEW the pain involved and that I was going to kick his ass. After about a 30 second silence from myself and the children (mouths wide open), the kids and I started chasing Bubby around the house to "beat him up".

Mistake #2. A full can of whip cream was out on the counter awaiting our make-your-own-sundae dessert. Bubby grabbed the can and proceeded to douse anyone that came near him with whipped cream. It was good fun but yep....I had to change before leaving.

Mistake #3. Izzy (with Pneumonia) got so wound up with chasing his Papa and having whipped cream sprayed all over him that he started coughing. Then Izzy couldn't quit coughing. Then Izzy threw up all over me.

That was five minutes after I was supposed to go to The Analyzer's house. After changing again, I headed out the door still reeking of puke I'm sure.

Ms. Analyzer's house was a haven from naughty little children covered in whipped cream and vomit. I have to publicly thank the Analyzer for that.

It was calm.
There was relaxing music playing.
She had a yummy red in a beautiful wine glass awaiting my arrival.
It was quiet (kids were in bed).
We had discussions without being interrupted by the phone or annoying husbands (not that you are annoying DavieO)

It was just what I needed and I'm sure The Analyzer was trying to kick me out of her house with all of the normal queues that I was blissfully ignoring.

Next time she can come to my house to escape. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee a quiet and peaceful evening at the All house. Maybe we should just meet at hers..........................


Anonymous said...

Why would you let a 2 yr old run around the house when he has pneumonia. It stands to reason that he would get worked up and cough. Or----am I once again old fashioned and feel that quiet loving is what he needs.

Anonymous said...

Just grap a minute of shut eye here and a minute there. This too will pass. Before long, they are grown and they think they don't need you anymore. Well or sick -- sleep or lack thereof--- enjoy them while they're little.

Ms. Analyzer said...

I WAS NOT trying to kick you out! I so enjoy your company, and as you know, I'm not know for my subtlety!