Friday, January 20, 2006


Yesterday I was preparing a turkey and rice soup for dinner. Izzy was sitting in his chair eating some noodles. Izzy saw me shredding some turkey for the soup and requested a piece. I gave him a chunk of turkey and went back to my preparations. As I spied a glance over at Izzy, he was intently staring at the meat in his hand. The following conversation proceeded:

Mom: Izzy. What are you doing?
Izzy: This is turkey?
Mom: Yes.
Izzy: It's not moving.
Mom: Nope.
Izzy: Turkey's are big.
Mom: Yes they are Izzy. But the turkey in your hand is dead.
Izzy: The turkey is dead?
Mom: Yes.
Mom: Turkey's live on a turkey farm. A farmer kills the turkey and then sells it to us. We buy the turkey and cook him up for dinner.
Izzy: But the turkey is not moving.
Mom: No. The turkey is not moving. It is dead.

Izzy then stuffed the hunk of turkey in his mouth followed with the comment, "Mmmmmm......this is good dead turkey."

A Vegetarian in the making? I think not.

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