Monday, December 12, 2005


Before children, I had an entire list of things I would never do:

1. I will NEVER own a mini-van.

2. I will NEVER have a dirty house. I will ALWAYS have fresh flowers in my home.

3. I will NEVER shop at Costco.

4. I will NEVER have toys strewn throughout the house...that is what playrooms and bedrooms
are for.

5. I will NEVER walk around in sweats & t-shirts. I WILL NOT look like the typical stay-at-
home Mom.

Well bite me.

I've broken every rule and then some.....

The hardest rule for me is the Costco one. We need bulk everything and buying 10 rolls of toilet paper at Albertsons for three times the cost is not economical. So, once a month I send Me-Ma to Costco for me. See? I don't even go....I am such a Ninny.

Well Bubby wanted to go this time around. Off we trudge to Costco with four kids in tow, on a weekend, just weeks before Christmas. We just get in the door and off to the left are boxes of Samsung electronics stacked to the warehouse ceiling. Bam! Before I could say, "I hate this place", Bubby had put a new DVD/VHS thingie in the cart. I hadn't even buckled Izzy in his seat yet and we are already down $130.00.

Between the 13 sample stations that the children stopped to try and the 10,000 people that we had to maneuver took hours to get in and out of that place.

It's a good thing that I don't carry around a pocket knife. I would have slit my wrists.

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