Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Here at the "All House", we never answer our phone. I see the phone as an obvious intrusion. It is like someone getting right in your face and waving their hands saying, "Hello. Talk to me right now! Drop what you are doing to pay attention to me!"

I come from a long line of relatives that drop everything to talk on the phone. They talk while in the bathtub, while they are eating and yes, while they are sitting on the toilet. Bubby and I have never understood this and my relatives have never understood us. They get very, VERY angry when we don't answer our phone.

Last night was a prime example:

Bubby took the three older kids to a concert. I stayed home with Izzy and we took advantage of the fact that the house was quiet and went to bed at 8:00. Supposedly, the phone started ringing at 8:15 and didn't stop. Me-Ma left four messages on my home phone and one on my cell phone. Me-Ma was coming up in the morning to watch Izzy and needed to know if I needed anything at the store.

Now most sane people would probably call once....leave a message and then let it go. "Oh well." they would say. "I guess Tallulah will call me if she needs anything." No. Not my family. The next thing I know, Bubby is waking me up around 9:30 saying my Mother is standing in our living room in her pajamas and she wants to know if you need anything in the morning.


Am I the crazy one here? Am I missing something? When I asked Me-Ma about this incident she said, "Next time just answer the phone." What? This obvious insanity is quite unsettling! I think I'm going to go on phone strike.

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Anonymous said...

all I ask is that you answer the d---phone. supose me-ma was having a heart attack or fell or something and you're the closest..... plus you NEVER go to bed at 8:00 p.m.