Wednesday, November 09, 2005


People with addictive personalities are an interesting bunch. I understand that they need something to cling to at all times. If it's not cigarettes, it's alcohol or crack. And if addicts have come clean, most of the time it is with Jesus attached and a twelve-stepper. Okay. I'm fine with that. If Jesus makes them feel better......great.

What I can't understand (and forgive me, I'm on little sleep & caring for sick children), is why? God's name, why? do SOME (not all) have to push it upon everyone else? When that person was downing two twelve-packs a night, they weren't telling me to drink up. Now that Jesus is their next addiction, I've got to hear about him 24/7 and their new-found righteousness.

Anne Rice, my all-time favorite author and writer of the Vampire Chronicles has found Jesus. Yes people, the former alcoholic has returned to Catholicism. Now that Gin & Tonic's are not a part of Anne's life, she has decided to devote all future writings to Jesus. "I want to write only for Jesus Christ", Anne said. "God is interesting again." Her most recent novel depicts Jesus as a 7-year-old moving to Nazareth.

It sounds interesting. But will I still be interested 12 years down the road when Ms. Rice is droning on and on about Jesus's life? Probably not. Let's hope Anne falls off the wagon for a year or two. Just enough time to write a really intense and interesting novel about something other than religion.

Really, I can only take so much..........

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