Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I was reading the newspaper yesterday and happened upon a story about a Idaho woman. This woman has 11 children (don't get me started). The cool thing about her was not the fact that she has eleven children ages 3-19. The awesome part was that she is a finalist in a lose weight/improve your body kind of contest. She's lost a ton of weight and exercises every morning before her children get up for school. The prize is 1 million dollars.

Which gets me thinking.........
Would I work out every morning and eat healthy for 1 million dollars?

To some people, it's just a natural thing. They were active in school and college, they run local marathons and bike in the foothills. It's just a part of their life. I, on the other hand have never been active a day in my life. I detest running, biking, weight lifting, crunches, kick-boxing and any other heart-pumping exercise. I begrudgingly get my workouts from chasing the kids around all day and going up and down our three story house. Clearly.........not enough to look like the poster woman for Healthy Living magazine.

Which returns me to my original question...........would I? A million dollars is a lot of money.

After much pondering......no. I need to get to the point in my life where I need to be healthy for me and for my family. I would compare my anti-exercise to an alcoholic. A person needs to stop drinking when they are ready for change, not when their family thinks they need to stop drinking.

Well I'm almost at rock bottom people. I'm starting to realize that I'm not invincible and my body is deteriorating. I will die someday. Will I be able to enjoy my Grandchildren? Will I be healthy enough to travel the world and lead an active lifestyle? Not at this rate. By the time I'm 50, I'll be 30lbs heavier and rocking in my rocking chair watching Soap Operas all day. Not a pretty picture.

So how do I start? How do I get where I need to be without an expensive personal trainer to get me off my ass every morning? There's no 1 million dollar carrot dangling over my head. How do I put ME first when my house is trashed, my children are hungry and I have 22 errands to run? Will I feel better? Will I have more energy? So many questions that can't be answered without the famous Nike words coming in to my head......."Just Do It."

Any advice would be much appreciated. Sigh.........I'll keep you posted.

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