Tuesday, November 29, 2005


During the children's nine days off for Thanksgiving, I mentioned that they needed to write their letters to Santa. On the morning they were returning to school, three of the children informed me that they didn't write letters because they really don't need anything. Whatever Santa wanted to bring them was fine.


I thought it must be an evil joke. But no.....they were serious. How did I get so lucky?

By the time they returned from school, only a mere seven hours later, the three children had changed their minds. They must have been daydreaming in class about the North Pole and Santa and all of those little Elves making toys for good little girls and boys instead of Math. They each wrote a letter to Santa asking for two things they wanted. But the toys weren't even in their heads! They had to pull out all of the toy magazines to get ideas.

Izzy was the easiest of all. Every time you ask him what he wants from Santa it's the same answer..........blue stars to put in my pocket. When you ask him if he wants anything else, he says "No, just blue stars to put in my pocket."

Santa is getting off real easy at our house this year. It is what I am most thankful for!

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