Saturday, September 17, 2005


I happened upon the most recent issue of Playboy. The "College Girls" issue. Really people, are women this dumb? Are they acting this way because they think they will attract a high quality man?

In the magazine, the centerfold talks about what she likes to dress up for Halloween as. "Anything slutty. It's a chance to dress up one day a year and get away with it. I have to get attention somehow." OK, this is a fit, blonde with Double D breasts, does she need anymore attention than that? Obviously. She also talks about her parents. "My Dad's a Physician and my Mom's a Nurse. They never pressured me to go in to the medical field. I don't like blood." Boy, her parents must be so proud.

Then Playboy took this survey of college girls and all sorts of sexual questions. The way these girls talked, they are all sex-starved little nymphs willing to "do" anyone, male or female that pays them the slightest attention. How sad.

I know we live in a society that's inundated with sexual images, movies books etc. But we also live in a society that views women as objects. These young women are doing NOTHING to dispel this object image. They are encouraging men to see them as play things with no minds and no goals outside of their next sexual position or Brazilian wax.

When it comes time where these women want to settle down and marry that special someone, I wonder how much they will sacrifice of themselves to marry a man. A man that sees them as their own personal Suzie-Suck-Me-Blowup-Doll. Oh.....don't get me started! I really should not read that magazine anymore. I was curious. Now I'm disgusted.


The Analyzer said...

Firstly: How did you happen upon the newest issue of Playboy?

Second: I was an innkeeper in college where Playboy shot their "Girls of the Big Ten" or whatever it was, and I know first hand that those girls, let's just say that a lot can be done with makeup and lighting.

Smarts said...

here here.

the sexual objectification of women in 2005 makes a sad commentary on our 21st century lives. it is scary to think about the kind of reaping that will inevitably come from the sowing of such seed. more disturbing is the mainstream nature of porn. when i was in grade 6 my friend and i found her father's stash of dirty magazines. i felt incredible shame for all of us. now such images are considered soft and innundate our tv channels 24/7. i'm not sure which is worse, to sell guns to children in foreign countries and applaud as they kill each other or to watch our own be distroyed by the vulgarity of the mtv generation. i am saddened by it all.