Friday, September 16, 2005


When we adopted Leroy at two, he was King of Night Terrors. If you are not familiar with Night Terrors, they are nothing like a nightmare. This is not the "Mommy I had a bad dream" kind of nightmare. The child can sleepwalk, scream and have terrible fits while being asleep. I think they call them Night Terrors because they absolutely terrify the parents! Well Leroy had Night Terrors every single night for the first 8 months after he came to our home. It became so bad that we kicked Christian out of our bed and just stuck Leroy in bed with us. He was less likely to run in to things and hurt himself.

Well surprise, surprise! Then I got pregnant and we realized that we would have to kick Leroy out of our bed to make way for baby. After we moved out to Way Down In Mayberry, we had five bedrooms and enough space for everyone. So why are we still playing musical beds?

1. Leroy was scared to sleep in his own room in the basement (a.k.a. the dungeon).
2. Christian wanted his own room in the dungeon.
3. Tori wanted her own room and didn't want to share.
4. After much begging and pleading, we move Leroy in with Christian bunk bed style.
5. We move Tori to the extra room in the dungeon.
6. We move the crib out of Izzy's room and have him sleep on a mattress on the floor.
7. Izzy sleeps in his room for three hours every night and then crawls in to bed with Mom and Dad.
8. Leroy doesn't like the feeling of bunk beds so we separate the beds......each on the opposite side of the small room.
9. Leroy waits until Christian is sleeping and then sneaks in bed with him.
10. Christian hates Leroy pushing him out of his single bed and goes upstairs and sleeps on the couch.
11. Leroy wakes up and sees Christian is not in the room and then goes in Tori's room and sleeps on her bed with her.
12. Mom and Dad move the boys beds side by side (almost like a Queen bed) so that Leroy won't be scared.
13. Leroy still waits for Christian to fall asleep and then sneaks on to his side of the bed practically sleeping on top of him.

Did I mention we also have a baby monitor in our room because Leroy still has Night Terrors? (maybe 2 a month) If we don't hear Leroy because he is in the dungeon and we are on floor #3, he will just keep screaming and screaming and screaming.......................

Poor Leroy, how terrible it must feel to always be scared. Poor Christian for having to put up with his clingy brother. Poor Izzy for waking up every night and coming in to our room for comfort. Poor parents. We have decided we will NEVER get any sleep. The only one who's constantly in a state of slumber is Tori. If you ever see her Way Down In Mayberry, she's the one that is cute and perky....always looking well rested.

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