Thursday, September 22, 2005


Halloween is quickly approaching. By the time we return from Italy, all of the good costumes will be snatched up or already rented. That means I have to order costumes before I leave town. Just one more thing to put on the "to do" list.

We LOVE Halloween here at the Hall house. All of us take great pride in dressing up and scaring the daylights out of people. The kids take on the persona of their character and we always have a blast. Two especially nice things:

1. Way Down In Mayberry prides itself on having terrific Halloween parties for the kids and a separate one for adults.

2. The Hall house brings new meaning to the Bible word Gluttony. We have the ability to gorge incredible amounts of candy in a short time.

The kids haven't told me what they want to be but I'm going to guess. I'll let you know if I'm correct.

Tori- Princess......duh
Christian-Army Guy

I'm going to guess what Bubby wants to be too..........some obscure character from a movie that absolutely NO ONE will get.

I'm a VAMPIRE every year. Surprise. Surprise. I try to alter my outfits to include different kind of vampires.......Nosferatu, Vampire Nun, Vampire Bride etc. I'm thinking about being a Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Vampire this year, but I don't think anyone will get it. I don't want to spend all night explaining who I am.

I'm getting quite a few hits on my blog. Any suggestions? I would really like some ideas. My brain is way too full of Mommy-induced-potty-training-house-cleaning-errand-running fluff to really put too much thought in to it.


Anonymous said...

1. angel vampire

2. pirate vampire

3. cowgirl vampire

or since you're a house-cleaning, cooking, potty trainer, etc, etc mom. how about wonder woman vampire.

Anonymous said...

How about a Dominatrix vanpiress??? Hummm Maybe I'll be that! Kendoll

Anonymous said...

Pregnant vampire???