Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Way back when....you know when you had to climb that steep hill to school in the snow? I remember my parents buying me a couple of notebooks and some pencils and sending me on my way. Things have changed.........drastically.

Now the school that my kids attend, is rated the best (scoring wise) in and around the greater Mayberry area. It is a charter school and very strict. It is a public school. Where are my tax dollars going? They are certainly not going towards supplies for the school. This is THE list for the three children currently attending the school. I type this list in its entirety, so that you may understand the vast amount of dollars that will vanish from my checkbook.

102 Yellow #2 pencils, sharpened
3 pencil boxes
5 sets colored pencils
3 boxes of 24 crayons
10 erasers
20 eraser caps
42 dry erase markers-EXPO brand
6 fine point dry erase markers-EXPO brand
2 old clean socks
22 plastic sheet protectors, smooth
3 rulers
2 boxes gallon-size zip lock bags
2 writable CD's
3 pairs of scissors
5 boxes large Kleenex
15 spiral notebooks (2 wide ruled)
500 sheets college ruled paper
10 folders with pockets & fasteners to hold paper
1 3-ring binder
2 vinyl/plastic folders w/fasteners & pockets
1 package sentence strips
1 box of pens blue or black
2 pairs of safety glasses
200 + 2 packages 3x5 index cards
4 erasable red ink pens
2 glue sticks
2 bottles Elmer's glue
3 highlighters
1 watercolors paint set
1 protractor
1 pocket-sized dictionary
1 pocket-sized thesaurus
1 assignment book
2 boxes Clorox wipes
1 shirt for Art class
1 bottle hand sanitizer
6 Vis-A-Vis overhead markers

(Sob. Screech. Wail. )

I know you are thinking. Poor tallulah. Comfy house, nice neighborhood. Big deal. So she has to spend a few bucks for supplies. Maybe tallulah needs to decrease her shoe allowance or purchase "wine-in-a-box" to support her love of grapes. Stop complaining.

Maybe I should just shut my big fat mouth. We chose to have a large family. We chose to have ONE income so that the kids could have a parent at home. Deal.
Okay, I will....but not without saying that between supplies, school clothes, lunch tickets, school pictures, yearbooks, extracurricular activities, blah blah blah, I may need to get a job. Kids are INCREDIBLY expensive!

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the analyzer said...

last year I used the sunday circulars, cut coupons for the lost leader items, got the kids involved in hunting for the cheapest price of each item we needed. we took one trip, went to three stores, bought only lost leader items, and I spent under $50 for both kids.