Friday, August 19, 2005


Since Izzy has been able to walk and talk, he's taken a slightly different approach to life. Practice. Practice. Practice. This two year old will say a phrase, or practice a jump or stairs over and over again until he is satisfied with the result.

Izzy's new obsession is the Kettler tricycle he got for his birthday. Morning noon and night if you are Way Down In Mayberry, you may see Izzy riding his bike. Izzy just doesn't stay in his driveway. Izzy takes l-o-n-g bike rides all over Mayberry. He prides himself on climbing the steep hills on his bike and will even go back to the bottom of the hill and start climbing it again.....just for the joy of doing the hard work and the satisfaction he receives from it. I cannot relate to this behavior. I admit it, I quit if it's hard. I'm a weenie.

I wonder if this tenacious behavior in a young child can result in an adult that excels in an area like sports, music or science. If I were to speak to Lance Armstrong's Mom or the parents of Einstein, would they describe the same kind of behaviors that I see in Izzy? I don't know.

The cool thing about Izzy is his ability to stop riding his bike long enough to blow dandelion seeds or pet a kitty. Izzy helps me remember that the destination is not as important as the exploration and fun that it takes to get there. I'm amazed at how much my children remind/teach me the important lessons in life. Patience. Joy. Persistence. Innocence. Live in the moment!

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Anonymous said...

Whatever he becomes, he will be the ultimate and a heartbreaker to boot.