Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I have started calling my two-year old Prince Izzy. This child definitely thought he was born in to royalty. His latest demand..............toes. Yes, toes. He wants them held at the slightest feeling of being tired. The entire household has become Izzy's trained parlor monkeys. Our family performs whatever tricks Izzy deems necessary to keep him happy and calm.

I drove nearly the entire way from the Oregon Coast and back to Mayberry with one hand on the steering wheel and one arm bent at an odd and unnatural angle to hold his toes. This is not the safest way to drive, however, the alternative is to hear a VERY LOUD toddler scream for ten hours. No thank you. I will hold the damn toes.

In the morning after waking, Izzy wants his toes held while he's waking up. I get Christian to hold his toes on the couch while I make breakfast.

After lunch when Izzy is tired and wants to nap, I take him up to MY room on MY bed and read him a story, give him a bottle and cover him with his special star quilt that his Auntie Donut made for him. God forbid I lose the blanket. After the quilt is carefully placed on his body, then I can hold his toes until he falls asleep.

After nap when Izzy is still sleepy, Izzy wants his toes held while he wakes up. I put Tori on that duty while I fix dinner.

The other day, we were on a three hour hike in the foothills. When Christian and I turned around, here was Papa carrying Izzy in the backpack, climbing a steep hill and both arms were twisted behind the backpack to hold on to Izzy's toes. Christian and I almost peed our pants we were laughing so hard. Even Papa (the last in the group to adhere to Izzy's wishes) has succumbed to Izzy's toe requests.

Oh....Oh...and as I am writing this blog, Izzy just awoke. How dare he request toe service while I'm busy blogging about it!

Izzy's MeMa is a sucker. She could go days on end just holding the childs toes. MeMa thinks it is a part of her Grandmotherly duty to spoil the child rotten. I think it is working.

At bedtime, the whole toe/quilt/bottle/sing songs/read story ritual starts again. Good God! My whole day revolves around Izzy's toe whims. And yes people, the alternative is to listen to Izzy scream. I can only take so much. And really, is it that bad of a request? Someday when he is older, I will wish he was little again. Cuddling up to his Mom, singing songs and drifting off to dreamland knowing he is loved beyond comprehension by his family.....holding his toes.

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Deborah said...


For everything else as you know there"s Mastercard!!

yeah I guess you could pay someone to hold his toes but then it wouldn't be "Priceless"

new reader. Love your blog, devouring it from the start.