Thursday, June 23, 2005


A few months ago I was out shopping. My Mom (MeMa to the gang) was watching the little monsters. When I returned, two of the boys Mikey and Kenny were in timeout. I asked the boys what had happened and this is the following conversation that transpired........

Christian: "Leroy said f**k."
Leroy: "I did not say f**k. You said f**k."
Christian: "No. You said f**k. I didn't say f**k."
Leroy: "You did too say f**k. Mom, I heard Christian say f**k."

Before the children could get another expletive out of their mouths I shreiked. I gues this is the equivelant of putting your fingers in your ears and yelling "lalalala, I can't hear you." I then asked the boys where they heard that word. They both responded in unison, "Dad".

Well today we have another bad word issue. In our house, Stupid is a bad word. You cannot say the word and sometimes I actually hear Leroy whisper to Christian, "You are the S word." Here is the following conversation that I overheard at Burger King today just prior to going in to playland.

Leroy: "You are the "S" word."
Christian: "Mom, Leroy called me stupid."
Leroy: "I did not call you stupid."
Christian: "Stupider. Stupider. Stupider. Stupider. Stupider. Stupider. Stupider."
Mom: "Christian, stop calling your brother...."
Mikey: "Stupider. Stupider. Stupider. Stupdier. Stupider."
Mom: "Christian! You stop this right now"
Christian: "But Mom, it's a planet"
Mom: "That's Jupiter. Not Stupider."
Christian: "Oh."

And my husband (known in blogging as Bubby) wonders why I can't carry on a decent adult conversation with him when he comes home from work.

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Mayberry Neighbor said...

We're currently battling the "damn it" tag on. Can I have some cereal, damn it. Give me my toy, damn it. I'm not tired, damn it. Soooo lovely out of mouth of a 4 year old.