Thursday, June 30, 2005


Some interesting observations as Bubby and I attended adult swim night (no kids allowed) at our local Mayberry pool.

1. Tasty margaritas with an "on your honor" system cup for paying.

2. Two distinct groupings. The young people. The geezers.

3. Nobody swam in the pool but two people very briefly.

4. Everybody drank A LOT of margaritas.

5. Bubby and I liked hanging out with the geezers.

6. Learned we have a real live big-time movie star living down the street. (I'm convinced it's an urban legend)

7. Learned some interesting facts about the Kennedy's from a man that grew up in the same town and went to school with them.

8. Enjoyed so much being away from the kids that I'm thinking of drugging them and putting them to bed early if we don't have a babysitter for next week.

1 comment:

kendoll said...

I think you should try a Martini night... then you will have them swimming for sure.. even in their Prada heels! Or break the trend and have cheap wine in paper cups.... oh wait.. that's at MY dinner parties!