Wednesday, March 31, 2010


GAK! I've been so busy making soap lately that I haven't been keeping up on my blogs. Damn if I didn't even notice when my dear blogger friend Candice over at Life According To Candice wrote a sweet little post about my soap. She said it didn't even smell like ass! Isn't that great everyone?
So please, go check this lovely Texan beauty queen out. She's got brains, humor, looks and a mouth like a sailor! And if you remember, I did win a strap-on from her blog giveaway. What can be better than that?

In other news.......

My Mother (MeMa) informed me that she doesn't care for my blog lately. First she complained about the Creepy Guy picture who is still stalking me by the way , and now she has informed me that she really doesn't want to read about "lady issues."

Apparently I need rainbows and unicorns shooting out my ass to make the MeMa happy. MeMa has informed me that she likes little stories about the family and kids.

So I leave you with two pictures of Izzy. The first one is of him admiring his new throwing star.
Next is of Izzy later on in the day taking a break from shooting his air-soft gun. He's all boy you know.....except for his shoes.

He loves those shoes.


Candice said...

Hey, for some reason Blogger ate your comment. When I tried to publish it I got some funky error, and now it's gone.

I would say that Blogger can officially suck it, but MeMaw probably wouldn't like that either. ;)

Lucas said...

Every boy should have those shoes. AND a throwing star. Rock on!

Elly Lou said...

I wear those same shoes when my unicorn Apocalypse and I travel through the magical rainforests practicing our star throwing. I also pulled that out of my ass. Will that help MeMaw at all?