Friday, December 18, 2009


When I was young, occasionally during the Christmas holiday we would make a gingerbread house. Back in those days (god, I'm old), they didn't have the gingerbread kits like they do now. You would take the time to bake the cookies and then assemble the house.

I wouldn't have considered eating it. I mean, what's the point? If you want to eat the damn thing, just bake a bunch of cookies and decorate them, or for that matter.....just eat the fricking dough.

In our family, it is a tradition every year to buy one of those goofy kits. I still can't assemble them worth a shit. The roof always ends up sagging and Bubby has to fix it.

This year, we purchased a train.

When the kids finished, it pretty much looked like the picture. They did a great job.

But 5 minutes after it was finished, Izzy started asking, "So when can we eat it?" This continued for 24 hours. The kid was driving me insane! Then Christian would walk in the room and randomly blurt out, "Hey! When are we eating the train?" Occasionally, I would see Leroy eyeing a candy and then 5 minutes later it would be missing. Tori started asking too and I told them all to cool it! Couldn't we just have some fanfuckingtastic holiday cheer?

Then, while I was cooking....I heard Bubby say:

"Hey Izzy! Could you go tear me off a piece of that gingerbread train? Papa wants some cookies with his coffee."

Little bastards.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

well at least it was tasty.

My sister got so pissed at her kids for doing that too that she shellacked it one year after it was made. That cracked me up! And I thought I was the scrooge.

Now that they are teens they find that story so funny....but it wasn't that year.

Jodi said...

Kids, especially the big ones...

elle said...

We were NEVER, EVER allowed to eat the gingerbread houses. In fact, my mom still has a village of real gingerbread houses, ranging in age from 15-25 years old. How gross is that? I think it's great that they had to wait a teenie bit, but then hit paydirt (speaking as a kid who never hit paydirt).

tallulah said...

Peg - Love the shellacking idea. I will use it next year!

Jodii- Kid? Ehem....child.

Elle- I should be more hard-ass like your mother. I could save a train for 20 years!

Eden Zohara Oved said...

ROFL. this is so cute. I love it!:p

Candice said...

"little bastards"