Wednesday, December 02, 2009


There are a couple of really interesting things that come along with Leroy's Asperger's:

1. EXTREME sensitivity to smell and food textures. (Put peanut butter near his nose and watch him immediately throw up)

2. CAN'T sleep. (Put him to bed at 8pm, watch him fall asleep around 1am)

As a result, we had a super skinny kid who didn't sleep. This summer, I was embarrassed to take him to the pool because you could see his ribs. Leroy looked malnourished and tired.

Then we found the wonder drug! **I'm not going to mention the name here because all drugs work differently on different people.** This drug was originally one of the older medications for depression. Doctor's stopped using it for depression because it made people tired and fat. And really, if you are depressed.....the last thing you want to do is gain 50 pounds and be tired all the time. Now that's really depressing!

Leroy started the drug in September. The kid can sleep now. That makes such a huge difference in his ability to concentrate at school and enjoy his life.

Leroy also eats now. He still has the sensitivities to certain smells and foods, but he has expanded his repertoire of food. He thinks about food a lot! His teacher actually pulled me aside one day to ask me what Leroy's fascination was with Thanksgiving. She said that for the past month, all he has talked about in class was turkey and pies.

Leroy on the scale yesterday weighed 9 pounds heavier than he did a couple of months ago. I can now take him to the pool without shame.

And now on to Leroy's Christmas list (with pictures even). I think you will enjoy it. I crossed out his name because his name is not really Leroy. I mean, who names their kid Leroy for Christ's sake?

The kid wants S'mores for Christmas! Really?

So under the tree there will be a box full of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. (I think lighter and wood won't be included)


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Tallulah this was a great post. So happy to hear this is working for "Leroy" and your family.

As you know I am not a fan of the keep posting this stuff and I'm going to be a sucker for Christmas all over again. See it really is about the kids!

Jodi said...

Ok, I'm gettin' him the lighter and wood! For crying out loud the kids wants to build a campfire!

Oh T, that breaks my heart that you were afraid to take him to the pool. You are SUCH a wonderful person and have taken on such wonderful, special kids. You should never worry about what others might think. You know your kids and allow them to be who they are and I so admire you and Bubby for that.

YOU are my hero.

Jennboree said...

That's awesome, T! A real treat with different smells and textures that he's willing and wanting to eat!

Does he go to anything on top of school? Or during the summer? That's what my sister's school does. Kind of like supplemental teaching. She spends SO much time trying to get her kids to venture out of their very limited food menu. I'm amazed by her patience! She swears she's on the spectrum and that's why she can help the kids the way she does.

I know that NotLeroy is a blessing to you, T, but I can only imagine all the emotional ups and downs you must go through with him and for him!

You're a good mama :)

tallulah said...

Peggy-I'm gonna keep working on you here with all my kids. You will love Christmas by the time the 25th rolls around!

Jodi-Campfire my ass!
You give me way too much credit Jodi. I'm a total bad mother behind closed doors.

Jenn-Leroy goes to a special day camp during the summer to help him with socialization and living skills. Unlike your sister, I have zero patience. I could take a class or two from her.

kate said...

Ha! S'mores for Christmas! That is awesome!! It must feel sooo good to watch him be enthusiastic about food. Man, if he keeps it up, by the time summer rolls around he'll be downright chunky! :)

Candice said...

How totally awesome is that!!??

So glad the medication seems to be working for "leory". (Thank God that isn't his real name, by the way..)

My kids love smores as well. I wish they would ask for shit like that.

Instead I get requests for iphones, laptops, and legos that cost metric assload of money.

elle said...

T- We have a S'mores maker, put out by Hersheys, that uses cans of sterno.....we NEVER use it, and it has lovely little forks and everything. Want it?

tallulah said...

Kate-Chunky? Now that would be a change!

Candice-My kids know better than to ask for that stuff...unless they want coal in their stocking.

Elle-Leroy would love a S'mores maker! I've never heard of such a thing, but I'm sure it's an informercial thingie! Thank you!

Carlos said...

LOVE it!!! and Jim Croce would name his kid Leroy but then again he got killed in a plane crash so...

The Girl Next Door said...

THAT is GREAT!!!! I am so glad you found something that helps him, poor boo, I imagine it was all very frustrating for him also!!!! Oh and I totally relate to his wanting food... I almost think I am pregnant except you have to have sex to get that way I am unless I am extreemly bless... I am not! LMAO