Monday, August 24, 2009


Or at least some of us do. We are a family that likes music and we have our own music room to jam naked anytime we want to.

See that awesome blue piano in the background? That's mine. All mine. I turn all Tori Amos and shit when I'm playing on it. I know you wish you had my talents.

We are the family musicians that may someday end up on The Gong Show spewing our talents.(maybe even naked if Izzy continues his quest for enlightenment through birthday suit)

Speaking of Birthdays.....Christian threw us for a loop this year on his request....

For Christian's birthday this year (turning 12), he only wanted one thing.

XFest Concert tickets.

For those of you not in the know, this is an outdoor concert featuring five or six bands. These are not ordinary bands. These are metal bands. Music that makes your ears bleed kind of bands.

Please, take a listen to the video below. This is one of the bands that played at XFest.....

Charming aren't they?

We honored Christian's request to attend XFest with a friend, however, there was no way he was going by himself. There are mosh pits that kill people at these kind of events. So off Bubby and I go with kid in tow to rock out. See?

This is the first time I have worn eyeliner since 1986. Scary huh?
And check out this head-banger choker man? When Christian saw me he said, "Wow Mom! look kinda hot." I thanked him and then told him that was kind of a creepy statement and in the future he should just say, "Mom, you look pretty."

The concert should have been called XXXFest. They had a girl come out on stage in just pasties and a g-string and swallow 18" swords. Then they had another girl with pasties, a g-string and some pom-poms dance to several of one of the bands songs.

I think Christian got an eye-opener.

When we arrived, I tried to count how many times the announcer/band said "fuck" but I lost track after 36. That was the first three minutes we were there.

And so we try to keep an open mind.....we let our kids explore music. We allow our kids to run around naked. And from time to time, we get together as a family and shake the walls.

What kind of things do you do as a family?



Candice said...

I think that's awesome!!

By the way, I saw Tori Amos in concert last month and she was amazing!!

tallulah said...

Am. Jealous. Tori Amos is my absolute favoite musical genius! I saw her years ago in a very small venue and loved it.

Carlos said...

sounds like good family fun... love the choker and would love to hear how you play the piano...

Jennboree said...

Ya'll are way cooler than us. We are so G rated that there should be a less than G rating to describe our life.

I'm kidding. Our kids cuss occasionally.

I love that you and Bubby not only embrace your children's interests but dive in and enjoy with them!

I believe Izzy has been a nude musician for quite some time now. Is he your Woodstock child?

tallulah said...

Carlos-I suck at piano. I can play a pretty mean "Fur Elise" though.

Jenn-I had a feeling you guys were G rated. You are right. Izzy is totally woodstock child.

TjRenee said...

Although some in my family are musically talented, we don't play together. We do like to crank up the music and act all crazy though. I'm a master at air drums!

A lot of our family activities are centered around sports or just going out and finding what trouble we can get into. It's not hard to find with my crew. LOL!

I love it that you took your son to XFest. And yeah, you looked hot!

Jennboree said...

T you might be surprised how un-G we were before children. I'm hoping to reclaim at least some R rating someday.