Saturday, January 31, 2009


Shortly after we purchased our first home, we wanted to fill it with children. We couldn't afford for me to stay home at the time so we waited to start our family. Instead, we filled it with our animal children.

I quickly picked out a dog from the shelter. A 9 month old big, brindled Australian Shepherd/Pit Bull mix with a brain the size of a peanut. I named him Ben.

Bubby took his time. He wanted a German Shepherd and wasn't sure about the one they had at the shelter. I encouraged him to go back the next day and take a look at the dog again. He brought her out of the kennel and took her for a walk around the grass enclosure. A woman who was walking out in to the enclosure got a little to close to Bubby for the dogs comfort, and she started growling at the woman.

Bubby knew that this was the dog for him. The dog already was ready to protect Bubby from anyone. Their bond was instant. She already had a name.....Mistie.

Bubby called the previous owners and asked questions about Mistie. They told him that she was born on Halloween and that she had been in a kennel for most of her 9 months since she was born. They had no time for her.

Bubby made up for those nine months. He ran and ran with Mistie. And when Mistie couldn't run anymore, Bubby did this. Along the way we acquired five children, three more dogs and five cats. Mistie was pack leader to them all. She would walk the house at night, checking in all the bedrooms to make sure the kids were sleeping before she would come to bed.

Sadly, Mistie could no longer stay with us. Her love for our family never faltered.

We will miss you.......

1992 - 2009


Jennboree said...

Awww..what a sweet girl! I will never forget the dog jogger Bubby created! That really touched my heart. Mistie had a wonderful life with an adoring family. No pet or person could ask for more!

How are the kids dealing with it?

Mama Wheaton said...

I understand your grief. While we are a large family of people, we are even larger when you add 4 dogs, 2 cats and 2 hamsters. We have lost 3 dogs in our 18 years of marriage and it broke my heart each time.

tallulah said...

It's been the hardest watching the kids grieve. They are so sad. But of course, we have Mistie's ashes in a special box with her name engraved on it....along with all of our other animals that have died. Before we know it...we will have a shrine!

The Q said...

I'm so sorry for your family's loss. What a very lucky dog to have found Bubby and your family (and I have NO doubt you all feel lucky to have found her too).

Anonymous said...

The Mistie girl was a dog of great discernment. She adopted me as one of her pack which I always considered a huge honor. When I would come over, she wouldn't bark, she would do this welcome howl. And she made sure all of the other dog children knew that I was HER friend. I shall miss her deeply.