Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The two older ones did come up with costumes after much whining....... Look familiar? This was Christian's costume from last year. He's so creative.

Of course Tori is a Goth chick again. Looking a little surly don't you think?

Leroy as Optimus Prime and Izzy as Batman. Everyone needs a super-hero or two around.

But of course, my passions turn to food...........

Yes. I took "Over-achiever class" in college. It's a pumpkin shaped cheese ball for for Izzy's Harvest Party.

Bubby made Jack-o-lantern shaped pancakes for the kids.
A great Halloween for everyone!

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Jennboree said...

LOVE the pancakes! And what 5 year old doesn't need pumpkin shape cheese balls?

So who did the two heroes take out? Considering they are standing by a grave.

At least Tori didn't break character by smiling. And WHAT is all over Christian's mask? Yeesh.

I'll post girly fairy costumes later.