Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This weekend, we informed Tori and Christian that if they still wanted to go out on Halloween to Trick or Treat, they would have to make up their own costumes. The days of spending a gazillion dollars on them for costumes is over. Even this year, my Mom (MeMa) bought the younger two their costumes.

And really, the look on their faces hid nothing. We might well have said that we were moving out of our house tomorrow and bunking down at a homeless shelter. The look of shock and pain and confusion was really too much to bare.

And to top things off....................................

Yesterday I was discussing with a friend about a party that we are both hosting next month. After she left, Tori asked why we were talking about the details of the party so much. I explained that there is a lot of work that goes in to a party from cleaning of the house to invitations and food and drink to serve etc. And this is what she said in my response to parties:

Tori: "Oh yah, I was going to ask you....I was wondering if I could have a Halloween Party Thursday night with about 10 of my friends?"

Me: "You want to have a Halloween Party and you are giving me 24 hours notice?"

Tori: "Mmmmhmmm."

Me: "No."

Tori: (rolling of eyes and getting terribly whiny) " But whhhhyyyy nnnnoooootttt?"

Me: "Because parties take planning, work and money and 24 hours is not enough notice. Haven't you heard me planning and discussing a party that I am having that is still two weeks away?"

Tori: "Well all you would HAVE to do is clean the house and decorate it on the inside and buy some food and drinks for us."

Me: "No."

Tori: "Gosh Mom...I never get to do anything fun."

Geez. I'm such a terrible Mother!


Mama Wheaton said...

My kids tried to pull them same thing. I said they could go trick or treat and they are acting like I have to come up with the costume. 5 kids, 5 costumes no way. You are on your own, be creative!

Jennboree said...

The Goth look totally mirrors her mood as of late, eh? Don't ever disappear cuz I'm gong to be burnin up your email when my girls become preteens!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you neglected to put on your Wonder Woman costume so your message would get through.

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only one that has a teen like this. She tries to pull this short notice stuff on us all the time also.