Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Yeh, yeh. That's what one of the cookies in a cookie bouquet that I received from my sister said. I'm 40.
And with tradition, Bubby always tries to out beat the last air freshener he buys me as a gift. Because we all know that nothing says "I love you" like an air freshener for your ratty, beat-up, old-and-barely-can-run van.

If you remember last year on Christmas, I received the Cat Butt air freshener as one of my Stockinig Stuffers. I thought that couldn't be topped until I opened my card yesterday and found this:
I can't wait to display this one proudly in my car. Hopefully he smells better than cat butt.
But I doubt it..........


jpogue said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I've doubled my dose of happy pills and hope they'll soon take effect. I love the GB car fragrance - I need to get one for my sister!

I read your blog about the potty thing at the HS school. That's been a policy as long as the school's been here - a good friend of mine switched her daughter to Pierce Park partly for that reason and her daughter has been ever-so-happy since.

My son went to that school for one day and told me he wouldn't go back.

Hope all works out for you. How long have you lived in Mayberry and where did you come from?

jpogue said...

We've lived here 6 years and I guess the way I've coped is that I really don't know that many people, we ignore nasty-grams (and actually get them fairly often!), have chickens and don't care, had a trampoline and didn't care, and if you've read much of my blog, you know that my husband shot and killed a skunk just a few weeks ago in our backyard (yes, he fired a gun!) - but I love the coyotes and the birds! We're definatley the hillbillies up hyar.

Jennboree said...

Happy 40th! You'll have to let me know if 40 is truly the new 30. That way I can prepare for the truth. Heh.

Funny air freshner but I would only want that hanging in my car if I could use it as a butt wipe for Ava. You know, in a pinch.

tallulah said...

Ha ha Jenn. In your state, you could get your car bombed for proudly displaying something like that....and not from a foreign terrorist either!