Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have resigned to the fact that our kids pretty much don't listen to us.

Bubby is always trying to explain things in. painful. detail. I'm always nagging. Between the two of us, it's a wonder our children hear anything we say at all.

But every once in awhile, Bubby will position things in the conversation so that a child or two is hanging on every word. Bubby often will do this at the dinner table. After a question has been asked, Bubby will shift in his seat ever so slightly, take his time to gather his thoughts and then put an extra second or two in there for suspense before answering the question. Then when Bubby does speak, he lowers his voice an octave and then slowly speaks what I now call a "Bubbyism". This is a Gandhi-like phrase or quote that must have impact and sensibility. These words can shape our children's future and our kids are like putty in his hands.

The other night we had a "Bubbyism".

The topic had turned to cookies at the dinner table. I was explaining to the kids what was in gingerbread and why it tasted different from other cookies.

Then Bubby chimed in and had the kids hanging on every word.



Then the Bubbyism quote:

"Gingerbread is a cookie. But not all cookies are gingerbread."

Thank god our kids know that now. To have them go through life without that lesson could truly be disastrous!


Mama Wheaton said...

I so needed a light moment in my day, thank you for giving it to me. Love the ornage head thingy too!

Anonymous said...

I must say - in this case a picture tells a thousand words. Perhaps he was having a bad hair day?????

Jennboree said...

Ahhh, yes, and the Enlightenment Helmet is just as impressive.