Tuesday, August 05, 2008


And no, it is not Disneyland. Anyone care to take a guess?
The child never wears clothes. The minute he walks in the door, he strips off his garments and happily goes about his day. "Clothes are uncomfortable" he says. "Clothes are exhausting!" Izzy boasts.

He plays video games naked.

I was joking with Bubby the other day that Izzy should join a Nudist Colony. A place where Izzy can really belong. Izzy asked what it was and I told him. I also told Izzy they have beaches where people can frolic around naked and the police will not arrest them.

He eats naked.

And I swear on the souls of my dead pets, there was a twinkle in Izzy's eye. A twinkle! A twinkle I have only seen on his face two other times in my life..................on Christmas.

He opens presents naked.

Izzy asked if he could go to a nude beach in Oregon. I told him I would look on the Internet, but I doubted (thankfully) that there would be any in Oregon. I told him our neighbors go to nude beaches all the time but they travel to Europe and other far-away lands to enjoy them.

He plays piano naked.

Lo and behold, there are two family-friendly, clothing optional beaches in Oregon.

I think I might spare you those vacation pictures.


Jennboree said...

Ava would LOVE to go to a nudie beach! Though she might not like sand in her Schlitz :)

So are both or one of you lovely parents going to chaperone this exciting vacation he's requested?

I'll never forget the nudists on St. Martinique island. I think minimum age for a nudie was 65 and we were the obvious 20-something American tourists.

Anonymous said...

I would probably take him to the beach and see what happens after because chances are when hes older he wont do this any more!