Sunday, February 10, 2008


I was talking with our children's pediatric dentist. I was concerned about Izzy's thumb sucking and how it could change the structure of his mouth. Their dentist explained that you can use the icky flavored nail polish, threaten or use anti-thumbsucking devices but what it comes down to is the child's decision to stop. She said that Izzy's mouth was fine and he may need correction later on but this is just his self-soothing device. Our dentist also said we should never mention thumb-sucking in a negative way (it will become a power struggle and Izzy will win) and just to completely ignore it.

I can totally do that. I'm all for putting my fingers in my ears and "la-la-laaaaing " throughout my day. If I didn't do that, I might go insane.

Izzy sucks his thumb until it hurts.....

Then Izzy moves on to his toe......

How about my shinn?

My knee could work well........

And finally a compromise, toe and thumb!


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Jennboree said...

Ha. That boy always makes me laugh :)

I sucked my thumb till I was five and I turned out semi-okay.

My mom tried the nasty thumb stuff and I toughed it out till my thumb was sucked clean.

Oh, but I have seen a really retarded anti-thumb sucking device on One Step Ahead. It would've been a great prop addition to SNL's Mike Meyers ADD kid on the playground skit.

Just wait it out, Mama!