Friday, February 15, 2008


Easter is Izzy's favorite holiday. We have been crossing off days on the calendar until we reach Easter. We have been doing this since January 1st. See?

Last night at the dinner table, Bubby and I were trying to explain that Easter isn't about Easter Bunnies and eggs and chocolate for everyone. We said that people that believe in God celebrate Easter because they believe that God's son... Jesus died on the cross for all of the sins that people committed and then on Easter Sunday he rose from the dead and then went to heaven.

Leroy exclaimed in a very loud voice and with great seriousness....."Jesus came back as the Easter Bunny!"

Now THERE'S a revelation!

So much for teaching our children about the Christians.


Jennboree said...

"So much for teaching our children about the Christians"

HAHAHA. That made me laugh and I'm not sure why!

I've wondered how the Easter Bunny interjected himself into such a serious and not-so-cuddly holiday.

T-girl said...

Yeah that line got me too, sounds so Romanish! LOL I like Jesus as the Easter Bunny also, that made me chuckle. I love kid logic- it is so logical it is funny most often. (btw- WHERE did you find that picture? I almost spit my coffee when I saw it! Classic!)

Jen- thank the pagans and Christian "must convert them now mentality!" It was origionally a Pagan Spring Fertility Fest.

annulla said...

Oh, gosh! Now I'm confused.

If Jesus is a bunny, does that mean it is disrespectful (or blasphemous!) to bite the ears off the chocolate bunnies? (Not that I plan to stop, mind you ...).

Blather From Brooklyn