Thursday, January 03, 2008


Leroy certainly has the short end of the stick when it comes to Birthday's. His being New Year's Eve leaves everyone still recovering from Christmas and often forgetting his special day. We are always recovering financially after Christmas and trying to scramble for the one big birthday gift that each of our children get on their Birthdays.

In addition, Leroy (due to his Autism and lacking in the social department) has literally no friends to invite to a Birthday party. So every year we engage in the same activity that Leroy enjoys doing.........we go to a stale and smokey bowling alley, wear party hats and celebrate his Birthday and New Year.
This was a special year though. My entire family was in town and we decided to get together and make an event out of it.

And there is Leroy in the corner as I cut the cake. He could barely control his excitement! I am so thankful that everyone could be there for him. He felt special and loved.

Happy Birthday big guy!


Jennboree said...

Happy Birthday, indeed! My husband and brother would've been all over that birthday celebration like white on rice! :)

I am sure Leroy felt extraordinarily loved and that's the greatest gift ever.

boisecommaidaho said...

One of my younger brothers (33) was diagnosed with autism and he LIVES for bowling! Is it the numbers, the stale smoke, the bad food or just the fact that you get to be alone with your ball.