Sunday, January 06, 2008


I hate the winter.
I am such a pansy-ass when it comes to the cold. I would have never made it as a Pioneer. I keep my heated blanket nicely warmed so I can slip inside the covers at a moments notice. Sometimes I take up to three super-hot showers to warm up throughout the day, and of course if you visit me I will be wearing my lovely, down moon boots.

(do you like my awesome new cork floors?)
People always say, "Tallulah....why don't you engage in a winter sport....maybe then you would like winter better?" I say to them: "The two things I hate most in life are sports and cold, why would I want to combine the two?" That's just torture my friends.

So as I sip hot tea and dream of tropical places that I may visit (like tomorrow), I leave you a picture of winter in all of its beauty. A tree outside my window.

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MeesheMama said...

Down moon boots are my dream come true. I am envious.