Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Izzy has been asking for a "Baby Alive" for exactly one year this month. I'm not opposed to dolls. I'm opposed to pooping and peeing dolls. I clean up enough already, especially since I am potty training two puppies.

So after putting it off for an entire year thinking that Izzy will get bored and move on, I finally let him spend his allowance on the one thing that he has always wanted.

I introduce to you "Kaboom". Yes that is her name. Can you tell a boy named her?

Kaboom is already annoying Izzy. He wanted to watch a video called "Doggie Daycare" with her. After cuddling up on the couch, Kaboom wouldn't be quiet during the movie. She wanted to play and sing. Finally Izzy put her in the "naughty chair" for being disruptive. I told him that if he left her alone for 30 seconds, Kaboom would start to yawn and go to sleep. She did.

Now only if that were true for Izzy.............

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Jennboree said...

If a kid could do ANYTHING in 30 seconds that didn't result in destruction or the disappearance of something, I'd celebrate.

Kaboom is cute! I see he's already annoyed with a chatty girl.