Thursday, September 20, 2007


Christian has been cracking me up lately. Turning 10 has a been a whole new experience...along with a truckload of testosterone.

Christian now takes showers daily, put on deodorant, "smell goods" and a pound of hair gel before leaving the house in the morning.

Last week when Tori had a friend spend the night, Christian spent the majority of his evening in the garage (with the door open to the family room where the girls were) making grunting sounds while he danced, punched and kicked his punching bag.

Sometimes Christian thinks he can do things he cannot. He walks in with shoulders back, head held high and an attitude of "bring it on". This is exactly what happened when we visited our State Fair........

Bubby abhors the fair, he would rather cut out his eyeball with a toenail clipper than attend the State Fair, but the kids ABSOLUTELY look forward to it and beg and plead until Papa says "okay."

This year, Christian decided he was ready for the "BIG" rides. He was finally tall enough and had not experienced a ride that went upside down. After we plunked our money down for four all-day-ride bracelets, Christian ran over to the first roller coaster that went upside down. In fact, this roller coaster was just a circle. You strap yourself in and you go round and round upside down in a roller coaster for 5 minutes. Mind you, we had been at The Fair for less than 15 minutes.

And here is a picture of Christian just moments after his ride. He continued to have the same look on his face for the next hour and 1/2. Sick as a dog and yup, sitting in Izzy's stroller getting pushed around.

Maybe that experience kicked his ego down a notch or two......hmmm, but probably not.

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Jennboree said...

hahaha! His face! That is exactly the reason I don't ride those thangs...because I have that face and lose my stuffins for the next 24 hours.

The way you describe him is dead-on to how my brother was at that age. With two older sisters, he did his best to grunt, flex and speak deeply when their friends were over.

BTW...We love the state fair! But much more than that, we loooooove art festivals.