Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It's just been a plethora of nature here at the Way Down In Mayberry House. Check out how pleased Izzy is with his Praying Mantis discovery. After admiring Izzy's bug for some time, Izzy gently put the praying mantis on a mint plant. The insect immediately snatched up a yellow jacket and went to town sucking the goo out of it's head. That was so cool that we watched the praying mantis for another half hour as it ate every last piece of the yellow jacket.
Who needs television?


MeesheMama said...

wowww, crazy. I once got head-butted by a praying mantis. It totally freaked me out. They are NO joke.

Jennboree said...

Yay, Mr Mantis! One less yellow jacket in this world. *shiver*

Izzy looks so different with his haircut! Such a big boy, all ready for school?

We love nature. It is truly the best educator. Unless you want your children to never swim in oceans, just don't let (make) them watch nature shows during dinner.